College and Children´s home

It was founded in 1893 by the first archbishop of Oaxaca and archbishop Eulogio Gillow, the two founders were interested to make a project for the abandoned children on the streets or the entrances of the churches or some could be brought by their mothers unable to rear them and were left for adoption. The community dedicated to this mission did not last long. Only in 1924 did it get settled permanently. Currently there are very few children coming, but those who come are registered and are on the waiting list, we talk with the prospective father or mother who becomes committed to undertake the procedures for the adoption. There are sections: kindergarten, pre-school and primary school. The education is comprehensive, of good quality which helps the students to get in touch with the demands of life in the process of growth.

It is found in Armenta and Lopez Street 305, Col. Centro. Oaxaca.

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