Our Foundresses, Maria Ernestina and Maria Enriqueta Larráinzar Córdoba, dreamt of founding two new communities one in Spain and another one in Jerusalem. In order to fulfill this desire, they had to sale a house which they had in Balvanera Street, in no time the house was bought and they received the money in cash, this event revealed that the dream was coming from God.
Maria Ernestina and her faithful collaborator, Isabel Estrada travelled to Spain, for they had been advised by Reverend Father Jose Maria Tormo to go to the Old Castle. The pilgrims reached Burgos on 4 July 1921; Maria Ernestina spoke personally with His Eminence. Cardinal Juan Benyoch and shared her desire to found a house in this town. He received the news with great joy, and she was given permission to found it in the same city of Burgos.
Mother Ernestina with all her enthusiasm and wisdom opened a way, with the intention of expanding our Congregation. She was helped by Marquis de Castro Fuerte who provisionally granted her the first floor of the palace.
While preparing everything for the Foundation, Mother Ernestina and Maria Isabel Estrada had already communicated to the sisters of Mexico and Italy to think about being in charge of the New Foundation.
Two sisters were sent to Spain: Sisters Gertrude and Luviana Ginotti and they arrived on 8 September 1921. Everything was ready for the Foundation and on 15 September, the feast of Our Mother of Sorrows, they received the first four girls into postulant ship and gradually these would develop and become the pioneers in España.
When the process of foundation was done, our Foundresses handed over the management fund of the Novitiate to the Vicar General and Rector of the Seminary for Missions D. Emilio Rodero Reca, who like a true father took care of the affairs of the house. Mother Ernestina and Sr. Elizabeth returned to Mexico.
Thus was born the Province of Spain with a missionary spirit. D. Emilio didn´t take care only of the Novitiate building, but he always attended to the training of the novices. The sisters in turn did a great service in the Seminary of Burgos for Spanish Missionary Institute helping in the smooth running of almost everything. In advance this brotherhood becomes a code which makes us to work together in different missions and serve the same people, in Africa and America.

Burgos (Castellana)

The history of the house was mentioned on the beginning
It is formed up by two communities:
Community of the College; consists of 7 sisters who are elderly but help each other in the caring of the house.

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Residence for Elderly People

During the Civil War a community was founded in Colmenar Viejo which is 30 km from Madrid.
It was officially opened on 11 March 1936; this place was donated to the parish to meet the needs of the poorest elderly people. Sisters: Altagracia Barbosa, Magdalena, Maria de la Paz and Maria Luisa resided in this house; they also worked at a Nursery school for many years.

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Segura de León is a town located south of Badajoz, the house opened on 6 June 1991 with a main purpose of participating in parish ministry.

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Belorado School

In the year 1925, a house was found in the village of Belorado, in the province of Burgos, the objective of this mission was to run a Primary School and a Hospital.

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This community was opened in 1973, the objective was to welcome and care for the elderly and sick sisters of the Province. They are seven sisters in the community

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As we mentioned before, in the history of Burgos, in 1970 it was decided that the Provincial House and Novitiate move to Madrid in Martinez Campos Avenue 1, 6 D. The Provincial Government and the novices resided at this place on 26 March 1971.

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The Novitiate

The novitiate of the Missionary Daughters of Calvary was transferred from Fernan Gonzalez Calera Street on 23 December 1941 to the Castellana, nº 22 Pradoluengo Street.

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Gayangos and other Clinic Services

After Spanish Civil War the Chief military of the Province of Burgos requested six sisters to open a tuberculosis healthy clinic in the town of Gayangos in Burgos. 

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