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A few days from celebrating the grandparents and seniors, today we celebrate in a special way to the grandparents of Jesús, Santos Joaquín y Ana. I am this “fertil land” of the one who speaks the Evangelio of today, in which she brotaroned the Virgen María y Jesús.


We offer you the prayer written by our Foundress Ernestina Larrainzar, taken from her prayer book "Suspiros del alma hacia su Dios" devoted to these great saints; the language corresponds to the beginning of 1900 but the prayer is always current.


“Happy and blessed are you, Saints Joachim and Anna, for having given us that girl blessed among all women, who defeated the curse of the world and deserved to be a virgin and Mother of God. After her you are most glorious, because you have generated for grace and by supernatural gift she who gave birth to Jesus Christ, source of grace and Savior of the world. He, after your Daughter, honored and exalted you as your grandson.


Obtain for my loved ones, if it is favorable to their eternal health, a long life, free from pain and trouble; keep misfortunes away from them; that the horizon of their existence always shines serenely, and that tears never cloud their happiness; Prosperity in business, health and happiness for all, but above all keep their souls from sin. Guide them always on the path of virtue and give them, after a peaceful life, the eternal salvation of their souls, which is the only happiness. Get me these graces from God, oh most glorious Joachim and Anna and always be my special protectors and advocates.


I do not ask you for the goods of the earth, nor do I desire its pleasures. I only ask you to grant me a grace and I hope you will not be able to deny it to me… from this moment on I choose you as models of my life, handing myself over entirely into your hands, and I entrust the destiny of my soul to you. Into your hands I abandon myself oh Parents of Mary! do not abandon me and guide me on the straight path that leads me to glory. Amen."


Best wishes to those who celebrate the name day today.

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