50 years following the Lord as a MDC


50 years following the Lord as a Missionary Daughter of Calvary.


M.Tere Sister. Maria Teresa, Superior General; shares us with us.  Dear Sisters: Just to say Thank You Lord.

This year is being a very special year for me, they are 50 years of religious life, missionary.


I never tire of giving thanks to the Lord and to all the sisters for all that He has done and is doing for me all my life, I can say that after so many comings and goings, sent, I say it is worth following Jesus, it is worth being a missionary, it is worth consecrating myself to this Congregation of Missionary Daughters of Calvary, because I have always felt, and I feel, very happy. Thank you Lord for having chosen me, for calling me to follow you, for sending me and loving me so much and for giving me a missionary soul.

50mo mx

In these celebrations of thanksgiving to God, I can tell you that I renewed my dedication to the Lord with the same enthusiasm, joy and courage that I did the first time in Burgos, in the Castellana.

I say these celebrations because:

The first has been in Mexico, during the time we were in the Canonical Visit, I have had the joy of celebrating it together with the Mexican sisters, who with all their affection and determination have prepared it very well in the Temple of Calvary, built by our Foundresses and Founder, and it is where they are buried.

50mo a3

It was a very exciting day, both for the Eucharistic Celebration lived with depth, as well as for the delicious food, Mariachis who came as a surprise to liven up the party we were already with the full bellies. We had lively dances. Thank you sisters. "What detail did you have with me".


For the fact of the service I am rendering, the Lord has given me the opportunity to do this Thanksgiving celebration with all my sisters and brothers in all the Provinces.

50mo 2a

On 15 September, the day of Our Lady of Sorrows, we celebrated it in Rome, the Provincial house of Italy. This is a very beautiful and important day for all of us since Mother of Sorrows is our patron and our foundress Mother Ernestina says in the letter of the foundation of the Congregation. "Our Institute recognizes no other founder than that of the God-man who expires on the gallery of the Cross, nor another foundress than the Virgin Mary pierced by pain on Calvary. "Likewise, this day is very significant for many of us for having made our first vows on this date. Well, yes on this day we moved from Rocca di Papa to the Provincial house excited for this celebration, the sisters who were already waiting for us, welcomed us very well with much affection and with delicious food.

At 5:30pm we had the celebration of thanksgiving mass in the community chapel, which was presided over by the Lord Bishop, Diocese of Porto and Santa Rufina, Don Gino Reale and concelebrated by two other friends.

 50mo b

Both the Mass and the feast, which we had afterwards were well prepared and celebrated, we really enjoyed. I never tire of thanking all the Sisters

On 22nd October, if God wills, we will celebrate it in my Province, Spain, in the house where I did my novitiate and I will do it in the company of my Religious family and my blood family.


In December, taking advantage of the fact that I will be in the Provincial chapter of Zimbabwe, we will celebrate it together with the three Zimbabwe an sisters who did the novitiate with me, we are the four of us who have just arrived at this moment, thank God. My collegues are the first Missionary Sisters of Daughters of Calvary in Zimbabwe.

50mo mx2

I thank the Lord for this opportunity that He gives me to be able to renew my dedication with all of you, with the people of God and I put my life back into their hands. That's why I say to him singing: "Into your hands I commend my life, into your hands I put my existence, for I must die in order to live, Into your hands I commend my being".

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