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We celebrate with great joy the feast of Saint Mary Magdalene, disciple of the Lord. The Gospel according to Luke (8, 1-3) names her among the women, with Juana, Susana and others, following Jesus, who assist him full of gratitude with their goods. There is already a small community made up of the "twelve" and of these women -including Magdalene who follow Jesus, who listen to his word and who begin to experience new relationships, in purity and freedom. Jesus protects and promotes the dignity of women and their vocation.


IMG 2136 2    These women will be present at Calvary and at the burial. In the Gospel according to John (19,25), Mary of Magdala is with Mary, the Mother of Jesus, "near the cross"; then we found her "at dawn" in her tomb, where the Lord wanted to manifest himself to her and orders her to announce his resurrection to his brothers.

It is the Gospel of today's liturgy, where Magdalena personifies the Church, the path of faith that every disciple must undertake to know him alive, risen, through personal knowledge, through an opening of the eyes, that is, of the mind and heart; Mary Magdalene also indicates the spiritual itinerary of the soul, made of prayer, silence, search, encounters... when He allows Himself to be found and calls you by name. It is the search described in the Song of Songs (first reading of today), but also in the beautiful responsorial psalm:

Oh God, you are my God, … from dawn I long for you...             IMG 2134 2

Since 2016, Pope Francis has wanted today's liturgy to be celebrated as a Feast, like the feasts we celebrate for the holy Apostles, to the same degree. Indeed, Magdalene, the first to see the Risen One and to bear witness to his Easter, was the "Apostle of the Apostles", according to the feast expression of Saint Thomas Aquinas. Also here Mary of Magdala personifies the Church, which is sent to announce the resurrection of the Lord who, having ascended to the Father, gives the Spirit and becomes a source of mercy and reconciliation

Mary of Magdala continues to fulfill her mission, to awaken the faith of the apostles, of the ministers, when it is passive, when disappointments lead to discouragement, when the horizon of the ministry is reduced to the horizontal line: Magdalene helps to recover the sense of transcendence, the horizon of eternal.

icona mad sito      The Magdalene strengthens the "Marian profile" of the Church, which is Spouse and Mother, and also the place of women in the Church, so that organization, structures, projects, concepts do not prevail in it, and the universal vocation to holiness, which the ministry should serve, is not lost sight of.

The apostolic dimension must not become a space of power, but a service to holiness, grace and charity. Mary Magdalene presents another way of being an apostle, not claiming a role, but embodying the dimension of a free and generous gift. This is how John Paul II wrote in Mulieris Dignitatem, n. 27: The holy women are an embodiment of the feminine ideal, but they are also a model for all Christians, a model of "sequela Christi", an example of how a bride must respond with love to the love of the Bridegroom.

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