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The Missionary Daughters of Calvary for his association with Christ, who continues to suffer his passion and his cross in the poor, the Congregation orient preferably their apostolate to the poorest groups of people, helping to create living conditions which ensure dignity of the person and its fullness in Christ. (cfr. Constitutions 34)

The daughter's ordeal is immersed in the territory where he lives and is present in various fields.



       The Missionary "Daughter of Calvary" has as priority option spiritual accompaniment. Help and guide people to make a unique and personal encounter with Jesus, discovering a relationship of friendship and alliance between them. The person who follows the way gradually know his specific project in the Church and in society.


Helps the child to know the Person of Jesus Father and Teacher, to convey the essential values of life and learn the various school knowledge in order to form the man of tomorrow, also forming the basis for a good interpersonal relationship starting from the family. It also creates a relationship with the parents of collaboration, listening, dialogue, support and also practical help to better enjoy being a parent and a Christian.


supports battered women victims of stalking and violence, mothers with children abandoned, abandoned girls by giving them moral and material aid. Helps children and young people with social problems - emotional.


       Transmits the 'Redemptive Love and Liberante of God through catechesis for children, teens, and young adults, liturgical animation, collaborating to' oratory, visit the elderly, comforting the sick, bringing them Holy Communion.


Give relief to every suffering soul, taking care of every person without distinction each wound and bringing them joy to overcome their disease is not making her see it as a burden but as something that unites them in Christ's afflictions thanks to their infinite love, prayer and perseverance .


       transmit to everyone the joy of being able to give us something of the past not making weigh their years, but they are an example of life. The sisters give them the peace of mind, the feeling of being welcomed and loved and to live in a big family, to feel a gift and that are not a burden but which are always useful so that without them we will not be there now.


        l 'love and the help is not just for the more distant neighbors but also the thinking that we are all part of the same family, we are all children of God, then sending them to these little concrete aid for the most necessary things, supporting and making them feel that they are not alone but have someone who loves them, supports them, make them understand that they are special people. l 'aid is done primarily in children with AIDS.


through outputs, fields, bringing together a group of young nuns are trying to convey to these young people the beauty of life, and also using the daily reflections touching their own way, their existence making him understand so that each of them is called by God to a different vocation and therefore is a gift is a member of the church and its membership is essential and is called to follow a via.In these fields typically creates a family atmosphere where every guy should open freely through the media but not the dialogue feeling brother of everyone and free to express himself by finding the estimate, the joy and fulfillment of life.


Our Foundress, Maria Ernestina, said:
The Daughter of Calvary Missionary must be like angels of consolation "(DS), this attitude is lived in our congregation, but especially in the orphans, the sisters are mothers: those who love, educate and resume to help brotherly relationships, listening and respect inside the orphanage (as a family) in the environments where they relate.


The sisters not only accompany the elderly in nursing homes, but also from the parishes visit them. For now a person who does not produce no value, but by the faith is totally different. With the visit, the prayers from the Word of God will help enhance and embrace the path of life and his person; This process will also help heal the wounds, and seek the serenity and peace, to reconcile with themselves and with others from the Love of the Merciful Father who is revealed in Jesus' life.




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