Enriqueta and Ernestina Larrainzar Córdova

Mª Enriqueta


María Enriqueta was born in Mexico City on 5 July 1851, was the fourth daughter of Manuel Larráinzar and Manuela Córdova.

Maria Ernestina being the fifth child, she was born in Rome in the Palazzo Ruspoli, on 23 October 1854.

Their father was an ambassador to the Mexican Republic under the Holy See.

Both grew up in a deeply Christian and a favorable high economic level. The Word of God was instrumental in forming the hearts of Maria Enriqueta and Maria Ernestina, arising in them a strong desire to extend the Kingdom of God throughout the world.



In the year 1885 in the city of Mexico when Maria Enriqueta is 34 and Maria Ernestina 31 years old they made the dream to come true, the Congregation of the "Daughters of Calvary", is born and they manifest from the beginning their immense love for Jesus dying on the Cross and his particular attention for the needy.

Maria Ernestina says. “I do not acknowledge any founder outside that of a God-Man who expires on the gallows of the cross and no more foundress than the Virgin Mary at the foot of Calvary, heartbroken by sorrow. Thus she declares the Congregation as “a drop of water in the immensity of the ocean”.


Mª Ernestina

Maria Enriqueta died on 18 March 1906 and Maria Ernestina on 16 January 1925, both died in Mexico City.

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