Charism and Mission


The experience of the Mystery of Salvation. A gift that the founders and the founder in order to: "Accompany the Holy Victim of Golgotha in the place of torment where Jesus was abandoned by all," meditating and spreading everywhere with enthusiastic devotion to the Passion, Death and Resurrection of the Lord and contemplating this mystery, applying it in concrete; "With love and gratitude, surrender to remedy the plight of suffering humanity. "Pass near disgrace and tears unto angels of comfort to ease the woes of life and human misery, doing good and contributing to the happiness of others." "Go where the good of others requires it" (cnfr. S.D 32, 47).


Contemplating the mystery of redemption, living the charism given by the Holy Spirit to the Founders and Founder, whose statutes are based exclusively on the "Holy Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ" (cf. S.D 1. Const. 2) precepts and counsels that are updated in the observance of the duties of every Christian: "love God above all things and our neighbor for God" the virtue which express perfectly to observe the precept of the same God, "love one another as Jesus Christ loved... ".

It follows from here that the Missionary Daughter of Calvary, "with gratitude and love, devote her life to alleviate the sufferings of humanity, bringing signs of life and hope, making present to the world, the fruits of Redemption that Jesus performed with his Paschal Mystery.


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