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It is the birthplace of the "Congregation of the Missionary Daughters of Calvary" and home country of our Founders. The foundation of the Congregation was in 1885 and it is from there that several trips were made to Europe to found homes and to seek approval of the Constitutions of the Holy See.

Provincial House

Apart from being the headquarters of the Provincial Council, is the home of all, here we go with the confidence that we will be received, cared for and treated well because their aim is to ensure the province and therefore for each sister. Address: same of the previous Community.

Elderly Home Mariano Gálvez

It's in the same area as the previously mentioned residence; it was inaugurated on 21 July, 1922. While the residence Santa Maria de Guadalupe caters for men and women, but this caters for women only. The sisters and staff take special care in their service; they transmit warmth to these people who are so much need it.

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House of Shelter

As the name implies, its mission is to welcome the sisters who are passing by the provincial house, occupying the same building adjacent to the Provincial Council resides hand, the sisters who live there, are responsible for making more enjoyable stay visitors to the community. Located in:

Calle Malintzin 86. Col Aragón, Villa, México, D. F.

Old age Home - Santa Maria de Guadalupe

The building was purchased by our Mother Foundress Maria Ernestina Larrrainzar on 12 May 1891, to establish a place for the elderly people. This residence is still functioning and adjacent to it, there is a temple dedicated to Calvary of Jesus Christ.

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House Conferences and Retreats

It occupies the space of the old novitiate was founded on September 15, 1955, then stopped working as such. Currently the house is suitable for different groups of the Diocese of Toluca, live retreats and / or workshops. The girls in our schools also conduct hence its year-end retreat or a day of prayer. You are in:

Avenida Hidalgo Poniente 123, Toluca, Estado de México.

Internal Fray Manuel Maria Ortiz

It is an internal house for poor children and it was opened in 1953. The children attend classes at different schools. The sisters prepare food, and supervise their various activities that complement their education and training.

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House of Prayer Elders

DF this community is very close to the Provincial House. He began to function as such, on 15 September 1973 with 25 sisters. The usual occupation of the sisters is prayer and what they can do as they are older, younger sisters are responsible for meeting them.

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College Eulogio Gillow

It is named after the founder of the Bishop of the kindergarten, for many years he was in the early mentioned house, later on he moved to the place which correspond to the High School.

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Elderly Home San Vicente de Paúl

In 1985 we were invited to develop our mission in this asylum. Economically sustain voluntary ladies of St. Vincent de Paul (Vincentians), sisters and some lay people, are responsible for all the attention they require older.

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College and Children´s home

       It was founded in 1893 by the first archbishop of Oaxaca and archbishop Eulogio Gillow, the two founders were interested to make a project for the abandoned children on the streets or the entrances of the churches or some could be brought by their mothers unable to rear them and were left for adoption. The community dedicated to this mission did not last long.

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Old Age Home - The Divine Redeemer

This residence serves elderly women only. It was founded on 13 June 1888, donated by a couple that had begun the project. The blessing of this residence took place in 1906; from 1990 to 1993 the house was being renovated because it was badly damaged.

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Maria Ernestina Larráinzar College

Our foundation begun at this place (part of the History) and soon the house began to functioning as a home for poor children since 1886. In 1890 it opened a Catholic High School which closed in 1938 because of Religious persecution in the Republic. On 2nd February 1946 it reopened and it continued named after the name of Maria Ernestina.

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