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Brazil is a country located in eastern South America, is very large country, has an area of 8,511,965 square kilometers and a population of 123 032 000 inhabitants. Its capital is Brasilia.
The sisters work in the State of Bahia, an area which is very poor and has arid regions.
Sisters Amparo Cabistany and Paquita Marijuan were the first to reach Bahia on 21 December 1974. The S.M.I priests were running this place when the sisters arrived they welcomed them with joy. They helped them to settle in the Diocese of Amargosa. They learned the language, culture of the area through the help of the villagers and of the priests who could accompany them for celebrations. Amparo had worked in Colombia and Paquita in Brazil so it took them short time to get accustomed to this mission life.
A few months later more sisters came to join them and began a new mission in the city of Feira de Santana.
They worked in some areas in the city and in some rural parishes. They had an option for the poor and shared their poverty not depending on the foreign help but on the work of their hands.
Their pastoral activities focused on small Christian communities where they could base on the reality of the Word of God and try to live it. This means that the community had a strong social activity organized to meet their demands. This was so much valued in the rural areas where people relied on the products of land.
In September 1979 four sisters arrived, these were; Teresa, Clara, Pilar and Elena. Bishop Jairo of diocese of Bofin had requested for some sisters for Monte Santo city.
After learning the language, they got engaged into work with a strong passion for Jesus announcing the Good News.
They had a beautiful experience among Bahian, accompanying the Christian communities 

closely and sharing what they were and they had.
Sisters Clara and Teresa worked in the hospital, it was a big challenge, because the director of the hospital was a Mayor at the same time, he controlled everything and some people were being excluded from the hospital services.
After some years of experience the sisters decided to move to Amargosa Diocese and worked in the following parishes; Ubaira, D. Macedo Costa, Castro Alves, Rafael Jambeiro, St. Antony of Jesus.
Their service to the People of God was pastoral ministry, the formation of Small Christian communities, and preparation of leaders at parish and diocesan level. They also struggled for women´s rights and gained something precious for them which was the retirement right and pension before it was a man´s right. Many rejoiced in this great victory and this has continued till this day.


Many times the Delegation dreamt of moving out of Bahia, and this dream came into reality in March of 2013. A new community was opened in ISLAND OF FLOWERS, (Serguipe).

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On 17 February 1988 a formation house was opened in Salvador. It had more space for the participation of Inter-Religious congregations. Sister Amparo was responsible of formation while Sister Elena was doing pastoral work.

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Santo Antonio de Jesus

The sisters had a community at St. Antony of Jesus, St. Benedict parish in the Parish but sold it. In 1999 they bought a new site for novitiate in St. Joseph in the neighborhood of Andaia.

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