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Missionary Daughters of Calvary:

Our founders chose this name for our Congregation because contemplating Christ Crucified, they realized they would have to give their lives to alleviate the suffering and pain of the poor making tool for the Redemption of Humanity

The foundation of our Congregation took in Mexico City D. F. on 19 January 1885. It was found by blood sisters Maria Ernestina and Maria Enriqueta  Larráinzar Córdova together with Father Manuel Maria Ortiz. They decided to found this Religious family in favor of the poor of the poorest.

The Church at that time suffered Religious persecution, therefore convents and apostolic works were closed and the Sisters were dispersed living in homes of families that welcomed.

In order to continue the works of charity, the Holy Spirit inspired the sisters Maria Ernestina and Maria Enriqueta, to create new forms of apostolates: Catechesis, visiting the sick, care for the dying and directing Spiritual Exercises (Retreats).

As it was forbidden to express neither Catholic Religion nor founding Religious Congregations and living in convents, the Missionary Daughters of Calvary, were born and appeared before society as a philanthropic association while in true fact it was a Religious Community: which lived contemplative and active life.

The official approval took place after 24 years of its foundation on March 14, 1909 by Pope St. Pius X. After 39 years the Constitutions were approved on July 21, 1924 by S. S. Pope Pius XI.

Later constitutions were updated according to the inspiration of the signs of time. The last renewal was approved by the Holy See on March 11, 2008. 

The Congregation was aggregated to the Franciscan Third Order on April 13, 1942, from which it participates in the graces granted by the Church to the Order.

The original name of the Congregation was "Daughters of Calvary", but it changed to "Missionary Daughters of Calvary", in 1958, due to its Missionary Expansion.

The initials of the Congregation is: C.M.F.C (Congregatio Missionariarum Filiarum a Calvario).

 The Congregation is currently present in:

Provincie: Mexican, Italian, Jerusalem, Zimbabwe,Jerusalem.

Delegations: Brasil, Colombia, Mozambique,

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